Sunday, May 16, 2010

kobogarden 4.

the garden is caaaruisin. i like this stage where there isn't much to do, except watch and wait. i'm sure i'm going to have to do some pruning as well, as everything was planted way too closely.


one more, can't help it. love these air head motors.

r90s motor completed.

the motor for the r90s is complete, as well as the carbs, tranny, and rear end. all ready to go back into the bike, as soon as i can afford the other bits and pieces. might be awhile....

wax nathan army complete.

wow, that only took about 12 times longer than anticipated... you're looking at about 70 hours of time cleaning up each wax mold and lovingly placing it on its sprue next to his nathan brethren. 5 nathan styles, 40 per style. 20 each in bronze and aluminum coming soon.

milk cup.

i also stole this old milk cup from out in the barn last weekend. i love this cup, its so beat up and has so much character. its amazing the amount of character that can be injected in an object from years of use. i (as well as my brother, father, and mother) used to use this cup to scoop milk into buckets to feed the calves out in the hutches. 3 cups of milk per calf, and a little warm water until they were weened off of milk on onto grain and hay. i wonder if character found in objects is just some form of mass nostalgia, or if it can be seen in objects sans nostalgia??

elle phanical.

stole this watering can from my mom when i was home for mother's day. i thought toshi would like it, but it turns out he had already found another, more perfect watering can for the plants. le sigh.