Wednesday, October 28, 2009

so excited to have clean britches.

- freakin heavy unit carried to 3rd floor. check.
- 220 run up to 3rd floor. check
- drain installed and tapped into main building drainage. check.
- copper plumbing run up to new laundry room. check.
- ventilation hooked up into wall to outside. check.
- rest of room clean up, electrical fixed, hangers put up. check.

i've NEVER been so freakin excited to do my laundry in my whole life!

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

el presidente.

toshi toiling away in cold kobo.

laundry time.

got a sweet washer and dryer downtown from someone on craigslist. it's like bran new. we've got the conduit run, just need to pull wires and run some water pipe up the 3rd floor. got the drain installed as well. i'm going to do laundry for the first time in a month this week!!!


scribed tattoo pattern on a piece of leatha. yeah, whateva.

sheldon lives!

got the lathe hooked up, runs like a charm. now needs some cleanin' , oilin', and levelin'.


getting there. electric is hooked up, and we ran it around, but need to put in the slats and put in some ventilation still. will be experimenting with it this week. toshi got the computer working again too.

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

leatha, yeah, whateva.

been stock piling large leather samples. love curtis @ horween. let's see what these turn in to!

Sunday, October 4, 2009


toshi rocked out this weekend. i was thinking he'd just hang something up so we didn't have everyone 'all up in our biz-nass', but he decided to teach himself how to make roman blinds. they work awesome, and were hung just in time for becca to host book club movie watching on nikai. nice work, el presidente.

it was a really good vibe today. ricky was helping toshi with the curtains while matt and i were working on the electric. soo nice to be in a space where stuff is happening. hope to foster this energy more and more in the coming months...


yes! the kiln works! the welder works! i still have both my arms! a chimpanzee wired this place before we moved in! exclamation points!!

ikkai electric.

ran some 11o drops for tools along the wall and workbenches. not that exciting, but the first time i've ever run any kind of electrical work. kinda fun, definitely gratifying work, easy to see progress being made. this wasn't here, now it is. this didn't work before now it does.

matt also came by again today and helped clean up a bunch of the wiring on sankai. not very exciting to look at, so no pics however, but a lot less ghetto extension cords and worthless conduit going nowhere.

oh, and i still hate the home despot, just have to mention that. i have a goal to no longer go there soon. i hope that become true 'soon'.

got this rack back from frankie last weekend. it will be well used i'm sure. already helps to 'tie the room together.'


more shelves up. our library is getting pretty expansive, although a majority of it is japanese magazines i can't read.