Sunday, April 25, 2010

kobogarden 3.

garden's all planted this weekend!!!!! i'm so excited. we probably could (should) have waited, but neither molly or i is too good with being patient. see, our 'big bertha' tomoato plant is taller than the sears tower, not too bad.

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

bike + lathe

regal beagle in front of the lathe at work where i usually park it.

kobogarden 2.

awesome. matt came by this weekend and we finished setting up the garden. its pretty solid now. molly and i are going to load it with dirt tomorrow. can't wait to plant some shiz!!!

Monday, April 12, 2010

nathans update

slowly but surely, getting the nathan mosh-pit fully occupied. there's one golden nathan to rule them all, or direct band practice, whatever it looks like.

kobo garden.

its the end of the world, its going to be arma-garden out on the patio. mol got some of the starter plants going because she's the coolest. need to finish putting this thing together and get some stuff planted this weekend if its nice. we'll see about that....

birds eye...

oh man, warm weather makes me want to work on cars and motorbikes!!!!!!!

Sunday, April 4, 2010

uffizi production #1

went to miller eureka's fabricating up the street on friday and picked up a full sheet of steel for 1st 'uffizi' production run. uffizi's will be trivets and/or wall hangings, the pattern was inspired by a page of my old roomate aaron's sketchbook when he was in italy, i think he drew this from a pattern cast in the concrete outside the museum. 1st run should be about 50. got 10 cut out while taking a break from waxes this weekend. we'll need to put a smaller belt on the plasma vent, as it is still smoking up the place when doing a long run of constant cutting. nice to have a full sheet of steel laid down on the table though, easy to clamp down, make array patterns, and nothing moves around as the thing is cutting. going to need to get ahold of bigger air compressor to do any real cutting like this, i kept having to pause the program in between parts so the air compressor could catch up.

after i get the rest cut out, the dross will be knocked off the back, edges sanded clean, then powdercoated. at least this is staying relatively on target for how long i thought it would take. good thing too, the freakin vent took way to long to build.

nathan production run #1

spent most of this weekend spruing up nathan waxes, and its taking way longer than anticipated, which i suppose i should have anticipated. have to sets all sprued up, but not quite halfway done yet....
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