Monday, September 28, 2009


master list is started. i hope its cryptic enough you none of you steal our master plans. time to make something happen. good brain dump tonight though tosh.

Saturday, September 26, 2009


matt stopped by on his way home from work tonight and i was in the middle of putting up some shelves. of course, like a good host, i made him help me. pretty simple, but i just realized last night the power of a hammer drill. holy hell, those things are awesome. i foresee holy rocks in the future. holy moly.

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

bad ass gas passed.

all right!, egg sandwiches here we come. ye olde' tappan kobo stove is hooked to gas finally. thanks for picking up the regulator b! one of the pilot lights works, one of the little lights on the knob works, i found a place to get a new knob for the broken one. the light in the oven works, but no gas is getting to the oven yet.

hmmm... this is turning out to be a full blown restoration project... color me surprised. i'm going to cook some fuggin tortellini tomorrow.

toshi, post some pics from japan!

Monday, September 14, 2009

strap on!

so i've been way into leather lately, and i just got way into camera stuff again this weekend. so what does that mean? i need to sew a camera strap out of leather for the old xg-1, obviously. not that cool, but it was fun to knock out pretty quick, and i've been itching at the chance to get more leather sewing time in. i'll be interested to see how this one wears in over time. i also want to start shooting some more analog pics, after rediscovering this old camera on the move in. also being jealous of pdise and jmac with all their camera toys...

shop of the rising sun.

not too shabby, woke up to this this morning.

kobo kiln.

sweet. frankie, jill, & noah came down this weekend for renegade craft fair. look what they brought me in the back of their car! can't wait to get this guy hooked up! will be good for baking some clay and maybe powdercoating. yes! is anyone an electrician? i need to do some serious wiring on the 1st floor.

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

truck loude.

one more pick from major move in weekend. i was pretty proud of having loaded all this shiz up on the truck and trailer myself. well, with some guidance from mom, and some help from the loader tractor. thanks for having equipment dad! growing up on a farm was where it was at for sure.

sheldon the trapeze lathe.

found a couple more pics on my camera from major move in weekend. this was the precarious situation lifting the lathe off the back of the trailer. ranger danger.


yes! what great luck. peanuts let me borrow her pottery wheel for the foreseeable future in exchange for using our kiln once we get it hooked up this winter. so cool, already fostering a cooperative atmosphere. i can't wait to get the foot pedal and start spinnin' some clay!

Monday, September 7, 2009

kobo glow show.

we started to get the project set up on nikai (floor 2), thought i'd post a pic of it in action. we haven't gotten the surround sound set up yet, but that's pretty close. also haven't gotten a projections screen yet, anyone have one? its kind of annoying to watch a movie on the brick wall right now. it's going to be pretty rad to watch flicks on the projection screen though. toshi you're the man. i watched a few minutes of charlie boorman doing the paris dakar. y'know, to convince myself that i don't need a new beemer........

regal beagle.

was tensioning my chain on the regal beagle tonight and got to use my new bike stand for the first time. love it! i can't believe its been this long since i've worked on bikes, i got that bike stand in february. well.... actually chung used it for quite awhile, but still, it's been too long.

thought i'd take a few pics of the daily commuter, she's been serving me well for quite awhile now. i'm going to have to get winter bike out and cleaned up so the beagle doesn't get all grungeee fungy.

i'm a big fan.

i know, i've used this horrible bit of word humor before. but i just can't help myself. i stole this old fan from my dad's machine shed. finally got i to work today, nothing a little wd40 and blowjob couldn't fix. i suppose that would apply to quite a few situations though. ......oh....zing......

ok, anyway, i was really happy with this thing, although i still don't feel very comfortable plugging this thing in, sure does run like a dream though. just don't make things like this anymore. so much old pressed metal, so classy, so dangerous. i love it. vornado, i'm a big fan.

basic elements.

so matt made a good call today. i was getting sick of taking cold showers, and think i was becoming smelly because of it. i was about ready to say 'eff it' and go to the home despot and buy a new water heater today. but when we were there, we decided on the $10 option instead of the $255 option. a good gamble. as you can see, after a water hazard and some shock therapy, this is the culprit to the lack of hot water.

toshi i just got out of my first hot kobo shower, and man was it nice. well, actually, i have the water heater set too high now, and i was burnin my biscuits a bit. but i'll be able to dial that in over the next couple of days. now all we have to do is get peoples energy to turn the freakin gas on! the free water heater now works wonders, and going the el cheapo route paid off this time. thanks matt, your multimeter saved the kobo wallet some ching.

stuff everywhere.

shiz is spreading to every nook and cranny, but mostly it is still in big piles all over each floor.

sleepytime view.

here's the view of my feet as i sleep. as you can see no place to hang clothes yet as of this pic, but a huge day of moving stuff up to sankai (floor 3).

toshi loves mannequins.

piles of shiz getting moved in.....and toshi groping my mannequins.

roof view.

this is the view from the roof of kobo. supernice on clear nights. super quiet when the trains aren't squealin', doesn't even feel like you're in the city.

eat #1 go #2

this is toshi seeing how much takeout he can stuff into his mouth. the first time we got takeout in the shop from our favorite chinese dive, which we affectionately refer to as 'eat #1, go #2'.

ikkai cleanup.

cleaning up "ikkai". (floor 1) what a filthy pit, my new home.

kobo walkthrough.

this is what the place looked like when we walked through to check it out for the first time. located in beautiful fulton market area of chicago, our neighbors include an industrial bakery, a construction dumpster peddler, a pet food manufacturer, a lot of bum grocery cart traffic, and a killer view of the city skyline from the roof.

hello kobo.

hello all. welcome to koboblog. you're here to get the skinny on the latest happenings at koboshop. toshi and i (eric) will be posting the latest and greatest here, some rants, some boring photos, some fun photos, and hopefully soon some stuff we'll be making to help the world be a better place.

kobo is japanese for 'shop' or 'artisan's workplace', or at least that's what toshi tells me. so our place of residence, and place of business is affectionately referred to as 'koboshop' or 'shopshop'.
eh, its the first thing toshi thought of, and its in the books now, so deal with it.

hope you enjoy, please hit us up and let us know your thoughts as they spring up.