Sunday, September 26, 2010

KOBOBLOG has moved...

its true. as we are getting our website set up for ecommerce, we have moved our blog to our own website. please check out new content up at click the link that says "koboblog". thanks!

Thursday, August 26, 2010


please come check us out, tell your friends. we'll be debuting our wares here, and then shortly after on our website.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

uffizi update.

molly helped me make the push to finish the 1st run of uffizis this weekend. nice to see them all sitting in a pile powdercoated, welded, and with rubber bumps. will be available at renegade and @ shortly.... stay tuned.

thread restock.

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

tn state museum 7

printing press.

tn state museum 6

hmmm... been thinking of serving utensils lately...

tn state museum 5

handcrank woodlathe exhibit.

tn state museum 4

some more old sewing machines. what i wouldn't give to try using one of these bad boys...

tn state museum 3

pedal powered lathe in the gunsmithing exhibit. like that franklin?

tn state museum 2

inspiration from old leather goods... one of these wallets was from 1774! its amazing what a powerful preservation technique tanning is...

tn state museum 1

we went to the tennessee state museum in nashville last weekend. suprisingly cool. here's an old steam powered fire engine.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

toshi wallets.

toshi made a really good run of his wallets this weekend. really cool to see them all stacked up and ready to go. this might not look like much, but they are all handstitched and edged. that sh*t takes awhile...

shout out to aG for letting us into his shop this weekend, thanks tons!


cuffs laid out for a trial run.

stamps for casting.

engraved these stamps in linoleum blocks this weekend. i'll send these up to be cast in metal tomorrow. hopefully they'll work well to deboss leather goods...

die die die.

got the new leather press die cleaned up this weekend, this will make production so much faster! thanks f!


did some testing on stamps more this weekend. this original black rubber still seemed to work the best. i wish i knew what it was!

new cordovan wallet.

loved the tattoo pattern scribed on the inside. super cool. the cordovan we have is a little thick, but i'll give it a trial run.

slim wallet.

matt suggested we adjust the sizing of the card case to be a wallet. he used to use a money clip and is adjusting to the idea of carrying a wallet again. didn't do exactly what he wanted, but i like the idea of having cards on one side and cash on the other. tried out a japanese version of the kobologo as well. the kanji say "ko" and "bo", i like it, kind of like the signature stamps on old japanese wood block prints.

kobo coasters.

some old figure drawings turned into coasters on thick 5oz veg tanned leather. sealed with atomic wax. i like the idea of figure drawings on leather. skin on skin.

key clothes.

toshi's key clothes are multiplying.